Diabolo Black Edition


Видео сборки Diabolo 600. Всего 10 шт на немецком языке.


Основной вал:

Натяжитель ремня:

Рама (верхняя часть):

Рама (нижняя часть):

Установка серв и тарелка АП:

Голова ОР:

Установка мотора:

Балка и кейс ХР:

Хвостовой ротор:

15 days later
  1. No boom braces

  2. New esc mount. 3D printed to accommodate choice of Kontronik, YGE, and HW esc’s and their individual mounting footprints. New upper frames accommodate this tray an #5, below.

  3. 1:1 control ratio to the head. To accommodate the pitch arms being closer in to the spindle centerline, the head button is inset into the center hub instead of capping it. The upper and lower main bearing blocks are modified to shift the servos inward to create the correct geometry.

  4. The landing gear uses flat carbon plates for the strut component. No more aluminum or carbon bows. News lower frames here as well.

  5. Simplified tab-in-slot battery tray locking system. No more rod, Tenax and delrin blocks arrangment.

  6. Choice of PEEK or delrin drive gears.

The fifth (mini) servo is for an optional blade brake for those who would like something different on their 700 or more especially to make life easier for 800mm versions of this same core mechanic.

27 days later

Blade brake - тормоз лопастей:

The servo controlled rotor brake is for going fast thru resonance frequences during spooling down on hard grounds like concrete, asphalt etc Also a nice feature to stop 800 rotors to protect your shins. Brake set included in each Diabolo SE kit.


Тормоз ротора с сервоуправлением предназначен для быстрого прохождения резонансных частот во время раскрутки ротора на твердой поверхности, такие как бетон, асфальт и т.д. Также полезная функция для остановки ротора 800 го размера для защиты ваших голеней. Тормозной комплект входит в каждый комплект Diabolo SE.

26 days later