Gerber M3000W фрезер


Добрый день!
имеется вот такая машина для резки, фрезерования и тд - Gerber M3000W 2012года. Со следующей начинкой: AMD Geode 333 MHz SBC, контроллер DCX-300, Logosol Ac/Dc Servo Amplifier LS-5Y-BL, 4 двигателя.
Возможно ли научить эту машину 3D фрезеровке? Есть ли такое программное обеспечение?


Так это же вроде режущий плотер??

но есть и фреза на нем) вот я и поизвращаться хочу


T.e. реальная ось Z?

вроде как реальная ось Z, вот выдержка из документации:
After reference, the Z-Axis is at position 0.0. A height gage is used to measure the distance to the bottom of
the tool locating pin in holder number one from the surface of the machine. This number is recorded in
[MACHINE] under table height.
Because each holder is not perfect, there is a slight variance between the bottoms of the locating slots in the
holders. The difference between any holder and the slot in holder 0 is called the holder calibration.
Therefore holder zero always has a calibration of zero. If the slot is higher in relation to the surface than
holder 0 the calibration will be negative, otherwise it will be positive. This number is recorded in
[HOLDERS] under X calibration.
Each holder has a pneumatic cylinder that actuates it. Again the parts are not perfect, so each cylinder is
actuated and the stroke is measured and recorded in [HOLDERS] under X air stroke.
Each tool has a measurement from the bottom of its locating pit to the bottom of the tool body. This is
called the tool calibration. This number is entered using the hand control for each tool in use.
Each tool has a blade, or wheel, or pen that sticks out of the tool body. This is measured using calipers or
set using a gage, and the number is recorded using the hand control. (Both of these numbers are stored in
In the software we add the holder calibration + air stroke + tool calibration + blade calibration to arrive at
an internal variable called Total Calibration.
When the operator fills out a Job Ticket and sends it to the machine, there is enough information to figure
out where to command the Z-Axis. The ticket includes the sacrificial mat thickness and the material
thickness. It also specifies how deep to cut with the tool. The control software calculates this by the
following: Top of Material = Table Height – Mat – Material. Z-Axis position = Top of Material – Total
Calibration + Depth of Cut.

M-Series technical