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Хотя бы измените ей настройки до 2м

не нахожу таких в AFPD 😦


не нахожу таких в AFPD 😦

Поэтому я и летаю в aerofly rc7.
Но вы можете изменить настройки вашей модели под ± размеры f3a.

Но главное это нагрузка на крыло. у больших моделей она очень низкая, бывает и по 30-40г, а такими моделями легко управлять, они как пушинки. у пилотажки нагрузка выше и естественно полет будет по скорости выше.

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От лица Комитета F3A поздравляю всех пилотажников с наступающим новым годом. Желаю здоровья, любви, счастья и УДАЧИ!!! Пусть новый год принесет Вам новые успехи в любимом пилотажном деле. С Новым годом!!!

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Вот так: Dear Subcommittee Members, pilots and judges from all over the world, since we could not meet during the last two years, I will use this way to contact you.

Some weeks ago I had a chat with a very experienced and famous F3A pilot. He is afraid about the future of F3A:

“My point of view at the moment is: No changing rules for next 2/3 years but engage discussions between Ciam/ pilotes/ companies about what is the future of F3A . What is necessary to have this discipline still exist in 10 years? I hear in club more and more critical words about F3A, as planes are flying so high that we don’t see them. Planes are horrible, look like indoor, they are too big to transport in my car … etc . I think for future we must consider that the cars will change , the box for transport in plane needs to be smaller otherwise very expensive…etc”

I reflected some time and in my opinion we all need to think about, how we will go on with F3A in the future. We also need to reflect, how it can be less expensive. At the moment only a few people are able to build suitable F3A models by themselves. The available planes are mostly very expensive and close to current weight limit. One repair and the plane will be too heavy. Another case is, how we can get interested new pilots for our sport.

To know your opinion, I created a survey.

Please allow me to comment and further explain some questions. You will find the survey attached and it is a fillable PDF.

Question 1: Smaller models cause less problems to transport. Question 2: Do we really need a weight limit. Nobody will built a heavy model, we all know that light models fly better and match constant speed criterion much easier.

Question 3,4: To allow development in propulsion devices.

Question 5: Please try a smaller model with stabilizer (gyro) in damping mode. If models will become smaller, feeling in flight will be smilar with stabilizer in damping mode.

Question7: Will allow more flights on local and international competitions, may save money for Category 1 organizers. More flights in front of a panel are possible.

Question 8: In many countries we will have height restrictions in the future, our manoevring zone height is 300 m if we fly in 175 m distance.

Question 9: May be we can avoid ugly designs in this way.

Question 10: Why not have something for spectators and show flying skills of an F3A model.

Question 11 -15: Some questions about F3A situation in your country/your region.

All changes need to be discussed within the Subcommittee and to be accepted by CIAM Plenary.

Please share the survey with F3A friends in your country and send it back to me till February 20, 2022:


Looking forward to your replies.

Kind regards Peter Uhlig

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добрый вечер Игорь Комитет уже подготовил этот вопрос на Русском языке. Но возникает ощущение, что на форум уже давно ни кто не ходит. вот ссылка на опрос на Русском языке fasr.ru/…/2022_01_30_opros_pilotov_i_sudey_po_pers…